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Love working with them! Products are awesome and their customer service is also. One of my new “go-to” suppliers when I need something a little nicer and a little different.

Anonymous Promotional Products Distributor

We appreciate all the complementary styles and colors for women and men, so we have coordinated – yet individual looks. Most of all, we highly value their friendly and personal service committed to backing their quality products throughout the process.

Anonymous Promotional Products Distributor

Noah was amazing to work with, As a first contact, he walked me through the whole process of online ordering, new customer number and the product shipped the same day, even after a little mix up the order. Really happy with how everything was handled!!

Kent Ebersold Promotional Products Distributor

I think you are all awesome which is why you keep hearing from me. [I’ve] been around a long time and very hard to impress, but you folks managed to beat the odds, so I must reward you with orders which I am working on.

Rob L Promotional Products Distributor

My experience with your company has been nothing short of FANTASTIC! Storm Creek in my new ‘go-to’ for outdoor apparel and accessories!

Jo P Promotional Products Distributor

…Storm Creek has been a real pleasure to work with the few times I’ve ordered from them. I really appreciate working with vendors who are easy to work with. I’ll continue to push the product as much as I can.

Caitlin Z Promotional Product Distributor

I have always been aware of the quality and the styling of your products; however, with a closer look you have exceeded my expectations. We are excited to work with all of you moving forward. As I see it, there really isn’t anybody in our biz that can compete with the products you have to offer. Storm Creek is now at the top of our list!

Jeff M Promotional Product Distributor

I have to say this recent order may be some of the best gear we’ve ever done. Our staff is loving the Storm Creek product. Really looks and feels nice. Thanks for helping us pull this together.

Ken R End User, Message sent via Distributor

I am distributor (twin cities based, 14+ years in the biz) and a new customer of Storm Creek. Starting out with a bang with two extremely successful projects — I’ve already had one re-order!! For someone who hasn’t cared so much for apparel sales, it seems that I’m on a roll …. largely drawn in by your quality products, but also, by Kari Shipman, for making everything SING!!

Freddie W Promotional Product Distributor

Based on my experience, Storm Creek is the epitome of what great service is. Too often it is easy to complain about the lack of integrity or service. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to say how great I think your company and it’s employees are. Thanks again for standing behind your product, tenaciously communicating, and quickly following through with a replacement! We are officially Storm Creek Fans.

Katie D Promotional Products Distributor

From the minute I first contacted your customer service team through the entire order process – my experience was uniquely wonderful in this industry. This request was a RUSH event-sensitive order… This totally customer service kind of attitude is so rare these days. Every person involved in this order on your team was helpful, responded in timely manner and couldn’t have been more eager to help me as their customer.

Susan S Promotional Product Distributor

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done to make me a very happy Storm Creek customer. I’m not sure why people would pay 3X as much for a North Face or Patagonia, when you’re product is so well made (zipper, pockets, liner, etc.) and actually better in many respects.

Rob B Promotional Product Distributor

Thank you so much for all your help! You have gone above and beyond and made my experience with Storm Creek amazing. I wish all of my vendors showed the compassion and drive to complete an important project and meet a tight deadline… Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Chris C Promotional Product Distributor