Custom Virtual Request

Seeing is believing, so let us help your customer visualize their logo on our garments.

Did you know you can create your own virtuals instantly?

Just head over to the product page of whichever garment you’re interested in, and there will be a ‘Create Virtual’ button for you create and download a virtual image yourself – no waiting!

Seeing is Believing

Seeing their logo on the garment in a professional looking presentation will get them excited about actually placing an order.

Garment Features are Listed

We include the features and selling points of the garment on each virtual for quick access to help you know why this might be the right garment.

See All Color Options

On the second page of the virtuals, we show available colorways so even if you don’t know the exact garment color they’d want to order — they can still see what their choices are.

Your Logo is Front and Center

We put your logo prominently on each page, so your client will understand that you’re the one taking care of them and providing this virtual.

Close-up is Shown

Close-ups are shown so you can get a better look at both the fabric, and the logo.

Great Imagery

We include great imagery to really help sell the product.