• Creates vibrant, full color images!

    From full color photographs, to multi-colored logos, the color will be vibrant and steadfast.

  • Works best on 100% white polyester.

    It can be used on colored 100% polyester garments; however, be aware that the colors of the artwork will blend in with the colors of the fabric – and white cannot be printed.

  • Create full front/back designs - cost effectively.

    Dye sublimation can be used for designs that go over the full front/back of the garment.  This is an great option for race/event shirts!

Works best on these Storm Creek styles:

1500/1505 Short Sleeve Performance Tee

2330/2335 Performance Pullover

If you did want to try dye sublimation on a colored garment, check out the image to the right.  It shows dye sublimation on a white, and a gray, 1505 Short Sleeve Performance Tee — both of them have the exact same artwork, however on the gray shirt the inks blend into the fabric, and all of the white in the artwork disappears.