• Many different transfer options available.

    Full color heat seal, one color vinyl, 3M reflective silver transfers, screen print transfers with PMS matching – we can do them all, and more!

  • More cost effective than screen print for smaller orders.

    Heat Transfer is more cost effective than Screen Printing for smaller orders.

  • Allows for creative placement on garment.

    As long as we avoid zippers and large seams, the placement possibilities for Heat Seal are endless!  You don’t have to worry about fitting a hoop anywhere, or having embroidery backing showing – pick a the location you really want it, and we will make it happen.

Works best on these Storm Creek styles:

Heat Seal works on almost all of our garments, the few that it won’t work on are listed at the end of this section.

Ask us about emblems, patches and other 3d heat seals!

The following styles are *NOT* recommended for heat seal:

  • 4608/4609 Drop Needle Microfleece Pullover
  • 2920/2925 Waffle Knit Pullover
  • 3410/3415 Ironweave Jacket
  • ALL Sweaterfleece products (4620/4625, 4630/4635, 4640/4645)
  • 6100/6105 Convertible Jacket/Vest