• Trendy new style of decoration.

    This method of decorating apparel is growing in popularity and is a great new take on apparel decoration.

  • Decoration that never fades.

    Laser etching permanently changes the garment, and it will never crack, fade, peel, or fray.

  • Only works on certain colors of certain fabrics.

    This decoration method uses a laser to burn the top layer of the fabric, and because of this, the type and color of the fabric is key to getting the best quality imprint.  If you’re not sure whether or not the garment and color you’re interested in will work with laser etch, just ask and we’ll help you out!

Works best on these Storm Creek styles:

1500/1505 Short Sleeve Performance Tee – Steel Color

2330/2335 Performance Pullover – Cobalt/Ocean Color

4608/4609 Drop Needle Microfleece Pullover – Titanium, Cranberry and Sapphire

2410/2415 Smart Layer Performance Pullover – Sapphire/Titanium and Cinder/Black

2720/2725 Microtherm Pullover – All Colors

6300/6305 Executive Jacket – All Colors

6310/6315 Elite Fleece Lined Jacket – Dark Heather Gray and Light Heather Gray

4000/4005 Microfleece Lined Softshell Jacket – Jet Color

4050/4055 Microfleece Lined Softshell Vest – Jet Color

4200/4260 Velvet Lined Softhsell Jacket – Tar/Black and Storm Blue/Tar

Things to watch out for with laser etching:

  • Small text usually does not turn out well
  • Larger logos work better in general

Some customers have decided to do laser etching on our black or darker colors, although we recommend against it because it will be extremely subtle — if that is the look you are going for, it can be done on most of our darker fabrics (as long as that garment is in the list above, that are acceptable for laser etching).