Laser Etch

Bring an upscale tonal look to any brand with Storm Creek’s Laser Etch technology. Take advantage of unique placements and small detail to bring your design to life.

Laser Etching involves a computerized laser to precisely “burn” a logo or design into the top layer of the fabric. The type and color of the fabric is key to knowing if this method is appropriate. This method of decorating apparel is really growing in popularity and is a great way to add a logo in a subtle and unique way. You can laser etch over zippers and seems.

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Laser etch is great for fleece, performance fabrics, and certain wovens. This technique is applicable to select Storm Creek styles and colors, such as our sweaterfleece jacket, vest, and pullovers, certain softshell jackets and vests, and heavier insulated jackets. If you’re interested in this technique, please consult with us and we’ll guide you through the best fabric options and styles.

Recommended Styles: To see the specific styles that can be laser etched, view our methods index for more information.