Create Instant Virtuals

The tools you need to succeed are right at your fingertips, day or night!

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Go to Product Page

Decide what product you want to create the virtual with, and go to that product page.  Once there, you will click the ‘Create Virtual’ button.

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Design It

A.  On the bottom of the window that popped up, select the color and view that you want to use for your virtual. (circled in purple)

B. Using the tools on the left hand side you can either upload a logo, or enter the desired text.  Then, you can use the tools on top of the window to alter the logo as needed. (both are circled in red)

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On the left side, there is an option that says: “Save/Email/Print”.  When clicked, the dropdown will give you various options, choose which one best suits your needs.

It’s as simple as that!

*Please be aware when creating virtuals, that with the software used, there are no limits placed on the placement and type of art that you can put on the garment.  However, there are limitations when it comes to apparel decoration.  If you are unsure whether your decoration will actually be possible – please contact to review it.  We may not be able to reproduce the virtuals exactly as you created them, but as always, we’ll do our best to help get you and your client what you need.