Design & Development

For the Design Team here at Storm Creek, it’s all about the bringing the end product to life. That means seeing a customer’s face light up with excitement upon finding that perfect jacket. Watching your design concepts fit seamlessly into the wearer’s activities and lifestyle. Gaining customer loyalty because they believe in the quality of the brand. Discovering new innovations – through fabrics, technology, design, and fit – is paramount to our design ideology. 

The design and development process essentially follows three steps:

Research and Innovation

Here is where we focus at the start of every season. Studying the market through trends, technologies, and how the world around us affects everyday apparel needs.

Design and Development

This is where innovating comes to life.  Engineering each design from the overall concept to various components that, together, make the design actually perform. We work closely with our overseas production partners through several iterations of the design – seeing samples, fabrics, colors, and fits until we get the product just right.


This is where all the puzzle pieces come together and our innovations are finalized. We “dot every i and cross every t.” We don’t rest until the Storm Creek Standard is achieved.

Our commitment is great product.

We will produce product that exceeds your expectations every time, but will never stop improving.
We’re proud to put our trademark on every Storm Creek garment!

Our Mission is to fully equip you for
wherever your life’s journey takes you.