Our Mission

Inspired by a passionate pursuit of the finest fabrics, design details, fit, and performance, Storm Creek provides outerwear of unmatched quality and value for all who love the outdoors.

Our Commitment

Great People, Great Product, Great Passion, Great Purpose

Great People:  We hire the best people, utilize their unique strengths, celebrate hard work, and have fun every day.

Great Product:  We will produce product that exceeds your expectations every time, but will never stop improving.  We’re proud to put our trademark on every Storm Creek garment. See our Lifetime Warranty.

Great Passion:  We enthusiastically give our best effort in everything we do.  We will deliver a noticeably amazing customer experience that earns your continued trust and loyalty.

Great Purpose:  We seek greater meaning in our work and success.  We embrace the cause – and give generously to impact individuals and communities in a meaningful manner.