Storm Creek Sales Exec Receives Super Star Award

Storm Creek Sales Exec Receives Super Star Award

Storm Creek Account Executive, Rick Poferl, has received the 2020 Super Star Award from the Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Professionals (UMAPP).

The Super Star Award recognizes the person within their company who has proven to be invaluable and consistently goes above and beyond what is expected. These individuals are often visible to the industry outside of the company as well. The award gives member companies an opportunity to show support for these heroes. Poferl was recognized at the UMAPP Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

The award nomination states:

“Rick consistently goes above and beyond for not only our company but also our customers. As an account manager typically you only hear from the customers when something goes wrong, but Rick works extremely hard to make sure that nothing does go wrong. Rick goes the extra mile for the customer by driving packages to shipping hubs so that they are guaranteed to go out the same day if they miss the standard pick up time. He also is extremely passionate about this industry and growing Storm Creek.

There are very few people that are as knowledgeable as Rick when it comes to the industry and how to treat customers and work with them to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Rick has always been a high achiever and goes above and beyond what is asked of him to deliver the best possible service for his customers. This award is great recognition for the high level of service that he provides.”