Top Ten Tips for Selling Apparel

Top Ten Tips for Selling Apparel

You will stand out as a valuable promotional consultant if you differentiate yourself with better knowledge of apparel. Here’s how to sell the jacket off your back, and put money in your pocket.

1. Start with a fabric story. Well made, unique fabrics translate to high quality garments that people will want to wear. Conversely, poor quality fabrics = cheap garments = recipient does not ever wear.

2. Be able to spot and speak to differences in fabrics, performance, details, and fit. Build value for that retail detail & differentiation. Show the MSRP if it’s a retail brand (and thus meets a retail buyers’ stringent quality and trend standards!)

3. Sell the fit. Unisex is out and it’s not complicated to sell men’s and women’s sizes. Your females will be happier and won’t wear apparel that does not fit well, look good, feel good.

4. Apparel only helps a company’s brand if it gets worn. According to ASI, a piece of branded apparel makes an average of 2500 impressions! But, not if discarded. Make it your mission to sell apparel that “makes the closet not the ‘toss’ pile.”

5. Don’t be just a catalog dropper. Show your value and purpose and how your knowledge can help your customer make the right apparel selection that aligns with their brand.

6. Ask the right questions: The use, the audience, when needed, branding (and decoration) goals, size ranges, quantity, budget.

7. Overcome apparel sales fears. Lean on your supplier to help with style recommendations, virtuals, size charts, sample size runs, decoration ideas.

8. Samples: The hand is worth a thousand words. Utilize the supplier’s sample program to buy or borrow. Plus, wear what you want to sell. Invest in spec samples to seal the deal.

9. Understand made-to-order. Stand out by offering a one-of-a-kind option to distinguish your customer’s brand. Learn the keys to a successful custom sourcing and avoid common pitfalls. You’ll need a solid sourcing partner.

10. Decoration do’s: Learn the best methods for the proposed garment, understand pricing, ask about trends/new methods, know the options and limitations of certain logos.
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