As Seen In PPAI Media: Recycling 101: What You Need To Know

As Seen In PPAI Media: Recycling 101: What You Need To Know

By PPAI Media | April 22, 2024

The article delves into the intricate challenges facing recycling efforts, highlighting the common misconception surrounding the recycling symbol and the critical issue of contamination in recycling streams. Brianna Mazze from St Regis Group underscores the importance of local recycling infrastructure in determining recyclability and addresses the complexities of material contamination, emphasizing the need for proper waste management practices.

Amidst these challenges, Storm Creek emerges as a proactive leader in sustainable practices, leveraging a grant to enhance their recycling initiatives. CEO Teresa Fudenberg's insights shed light on Storm Creek's comprehensive approach, from employee education to convenient recycling solutions, showcasing a commitment to fostering a healthier environment and sustainable practices within their community.

Key Points:

  • The recycling symbol doesn't guarantee recyclability; it depends on local facilities.
  • Contamination is a major challenge, involving materials that disrupt recycling processes.
  • Storm Creek, a leader in sustainable apparel, received a grant to enhance recycling efforts.
  • They educated employees on recycling and made it convenient with on-site bins and clear signage.
  • Changes included paper recycling at desks, kitchen recycling, and community collection events.
  • They tackled hard-to-recycle items like polybags, diverting thousands of pounds from landfill.
  • Teresa emphasizes employee engagement and collective effort for meaningful sustainability impact.

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