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2023 Everyday ECO Catalog

2022 ECO Holiday Flyer

2022 Core Colors Flyer

2022/23 Jacket Comparison


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Core Colors The maroon C icon indicates a Core Color that is kept in- stock year-round. These colors are safe to put in a reordering program.

# of Recycled Bottles per Garment is shown on each page. All styles produced since 2020 are made with recycled plastic bottles or other post-consumer waste. Bottle counts vary by style and fabric type and are calculated using the garment's lowest average. See this icon for recycled bottles per garment.

Catalog Pricing is only in MSRP to simplify the selling process. Non-logged in users only see MSRP pricing on the website. Users must be logged in to view wholesale pricing. MSRP pricing is shown to give distributors flexibility with their margin (all Storm Creek wholesale margins are typically 60%). Client-safe pricing on flyers and price lists are available for download.

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