CEO Teresa Fudenberg Awarded Bess Cohn Humanitarian of the Year at the ASI Counselor Awards 2023

CEO Teresa Fudenberg Awarded Bess Cohn Humanitarian of the Year at the ASI Counselor Awards 2023

Storm Creek's very own CEO, Teresa Fudenberg, has been awarded the Bess Cohn Humanitarian of the Year Award. The recognition, presented at the ASI Counselor Awards 2023, honors individuals who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to helping others through charitable endeavors and volunteerism.

Teresa’s journey to this remarkable achievement is a testament to her genuine compassion and dedication to our mission of Seeking Better. Under her inspiring leadership, Storm Creek has not only become a renowned sustainable apparel brand in the promotional products industry but has also been instrumental in driving meaningful change–both nationally and locally.

The heart of our success lies in our three fundamental pillars: Quality, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility. Through these core principles, Teresa has set a strong example that success can be synonymous with giving back.


A Vision for a Better Future

We strive to make a positive impact on communities by actively engaging in charitable initiatives and pledging 5% of our profit to give back. We are committed to donating $5 million to charity by 2030. Such a big goal requires the whole team to be on board. Teresa states, “Our employees show up day in and day out with a ton of passion and a ton of purpose.”

Teresa and the Storm Creek team have already proven their commitment to giving back by donating over $1 million to various charities.  Organizations range from national non-profits like the National Park Foundation and Feeding America to local organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters-Twin Cities and Dakota Woodlands. Additionally, Teresa started the Storm Creek Community Fund to ensure lesser-known organizations have the chance to get the financial and/or in-kind support that they require.


Inspiring Others to Give Back 

Teresa's remarkable achievements extend beyond the monetary donations. She firmly believes in the power of leading by example, encouraging her employees to volunteer their time and skills to various charitable organizations. By fostering a culture of giving, Teresa has created a ripple effect of compassion and generosity that extends far beyond Storm Creek's walls. Her actions have inspired numerous other businesses and individuals to step up their philanthropic efforts.



Our commitment to giving back doesn’t stop with financial and in-kind donations.  We are on track to upcycle over 30 million plastic bottles by the end of 2023. Teresa states, “We have nearly 1 million garments leaving our building every year. If we’re not ensuring that they’re high enough quality not to end up in the landfills, we’re not doing our job. If there’s an option to make it better, we can’t not do it. We could make clothing cheaper or faster by not using sustainable materials, but we have an obligation.”

Teresa’s recognition as the Bess Cohn Humanitarian of the Year is a testament to the profound impact she has made through Storm Creek's mission to Seek Better for our planet and communities. Through her leadership, Teresa is transforming the landscape of corporate social responsibility, proving that it is not just a buzzword but a powerful force for positive change. A true inspiration to us all.  

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