A Day in the Life of Our CEO - A look at how Storm Creek CEO, Teresa Fudenberg, spends her time.

A Day in the Life of Our CEO - A look at how Storm Creek CEO, Teresa Fudenberg, spends her time.

"What does a CEO do?" "What does your typical day look like?" Have you ever wanted to ask a CEO or business owner these questions? In honor of International Women's Day, we spent a day in the life of our CEO, Teresa Fudenberg, to find out what it takes to own and lead a sustainable clothing brand.

The Morning Routine

5:00 AM: Every morning has one thing in common: an early wake-up call. Teresa either heads to Orange Theory for a workout or jumps right into planning her day with a cup of coffee. Most days are full with meetings so taking time in the morning to answer emails and get in some "think time" is key to her productivity. Today? It's a coffee+think time morning.

7:00 AM: Before heading out the door to the office, Teresa makes sure to get in some "same page time" with her husband and business partner Doug "Jacket" Jackson. They make the most of this short time by going over any upcoming meetings for the day or things that need to be discussed at a Leadership Team level. By 8 AM, Teresa is off to the Storm Creek HQ.

Teresa's International Women's Day Agenda

8:00 AM: The work day begins. Time to Seek Better!

Teresa's typical day is stacked with meetings and big-picture planning. Today is no different. Shortly after arriving at the office, Teresa jumps into her first meeting - an employee review. Meeting 1x1 with employees is one of Teresa's favorite parts of her job. She expresses that "helping people realize their strengths and grow into their potential" is the most rewarding part of being a CEO.

Teresa is proud that in addition to being a women-owned business, the Leadership Team is made up of 57% women (who run the world?). Every Tuesday, this group spends 90 minutes focusing on the business and thinking big picture. Teresa's top priority is making sure she is there to support the team and answer questions.

ps You'll notice a few meetings labeled as L10. Storm Creek runs on EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System, and L10s are an essential component of EOS.

5:30 PM: Since today did not start with a 5:30 AM workout, Teresa and Doug sneak in a sweat at 5:30 PM. Staying active is a leading priority for Teresa. On the car ride over to OTF, Teresa answered some of your questions:

Question: "How did she start her journey in the (promotional products) industry?"
Answer: "I used to order from the promotional products industry back in my marketing days. When Doug and I joined forces, we took Storm Creek to a new level in the promotional products industry. So really, from buyer to supplier!"
Question: "Who is your biggest role model?"
Answer: "Hands down, Ross Bird, my dad. He has been teaching me sales and marketing since 6th or 7th grade. We used to go out and have sodas and talk business. I have been a junkie ever since. Thanks, Dad!"
Question: "What is the biggest challenge in owning a share of a small business?"
Answer: "Honestly, having so many employees depend on you and you never want to let them down. You don't always have unlimited time, resources, or energy to give, but it's fun."

7:00 PM: After a good workout, Teresa heads home to catch up on any emails/texts/calls she missed during the day. Dinner mixed in with some R&R ensures she is ready for tomorrow's 5 AM alarm clock.