Employee Appreciation Products that Go a Long Way

Employee Appreciation Products that Go a Long Way

There are several ways a company can demonstrate to its employees that it appreciates them and cares about their work life. One way is with branded promotional products.


How Promotional Products Show a Company Cares

A thoughtful, high-quality gift is always meaningful. Business owners can show appreciation to their employees by giving them high-value promo products. In return, this practice helps build a positive company culture in several ways:



When employees see their employer has put some thought into these products and offered them items that have value, it helps boost company morale. Positive morale is one of the most important values a business can foster.

“Studies show that companies with positive company culture have a turnover rate of 13.9% versus 48.4% for those that don’t…Company swag contributes to this happy work environment.” (Influencer Marketing Hub)

While many practices go into this kind of positive culture among employees, showing appreciation by giving high-value physical products is one of them. 



Within a healthy work environment, branded merchandise gives a feeling of camaraderie among employees internally. They feel good about the company they work for and are proud to wear the company’s brand.

This same merchandise also helps promote the business to a wider audience when employees wear their branded apparel outside of work. This communicates to others that it’s a good company to work for. 

Employers can even make an impression on future hires. “Swag given during recruitment events leaves an impression on prospective hires…Potential employees and new hires will notice and appreciate high-quality swag.” (Influencer Marketing Hub)



When a business chooses promotional products their employees actually want to use or wear, the value of those products increases. And while the gift itself is tangible, the intangible feeling of being appreciated by the employer can’t be overstated.

One of the most practical aspects of Storm Creek promo apparel is that the vast majority of our products have both a men's and women's version. This makes it ultra-easy for companies to choose a style and color almost everyone will love. The more a branded apparel garment is worn, the more often that brand is seen and remembered.


What Types of Promotional Products Do Employees Most Value?

Since we work in apparel, we’ll focus on wearable promotional products. What do employees most value?

Some businesses give their people branded apparel as promo and some supply company-branded workwear for employees to wear on the job. Either way, here are some vital components of successful branded apparel: 



People want to feel good in the clothes they wear. When a company’s promo garments are comfortable and stylish their employees will be happy to wear them. Styles that are popular across ages and genders are more likely to stay in closets and out of the trash.



If a garment shrinks or is misshapen after a wash or two the value decreases in the eyes of employees immediately. If the seams start to fall apart after just a few wears or it stretches a whole size while it’s worn—these speak “cheap.” That’s not what a business wants to communicate to its employees.  



More and more employees are conscious of the importance of caring for the natural environment around us. When a business chooses sustainable products for its brand promotions, that speaks volumes to its employees. It shows their employer not only cares for them and their company but for the wider community—local and global.


Choose the Right Promotional Products

With hundreds of options available for sourcing branded promo products, how does a company choose what will work best? There are a few key factors we focus on here at Storm Creek: 



To us, quality means well-made with a great fit. We work tirelessly to be sure our garments fit well and sizing is consistent across styles. Comfort is also part of quality. By combining craftsmanship with a good fit and comfort we offer apparel that people love to wear.  



A company’s goal is to show appreciation for its employees with this branded merchandise. When it fosters positive memories (“That was the most comfortable polo I ever owned” or “I loved that jacket we got back in…”) that’s a big win.



The Advertising Specialty Institute published an infographic in 2022 that shows the most influential promo products in the US. Of the top five overall products, three are apparel items: outerwear, performance wear and polo shirts. It just so happens all three of these are products we specialize in!



Storm Creek has one of the best wholesale ratios in the industry. We also offer free custom virtual rendering that shows companies what their logo will look like on our products.



Always one of our top priorities, the entire Storm Creek line is eco-friendly. Every item in our catalog has a badge that displays how many plastic bottles are used in that item. Every step of our process is compatible with our sustainability commitment—and we continually seek ways to make it better.


High-quality branded promotional products given by a company to its employees communicate appreciation. When these products reinforce a broad, positive company culture, they go far to strengthen any business’s strongest asset: its people.