How to Decorate Rainwear

How to Decorate Rainwear

Are your corporate clients looking for high-quality and eco-friendly rainwear for their teams and customers? You’ve come to the right place for gender-specific, stylish and high-performing jackets that keep the weather at bay.

Our rainwear is easy to decorate for a customized look that will enhance brand visibility and appeal. And it will maintain its weather protection as long as care is taken with the type and quality of decoration applied.


Help Your Customers Choose the Right Rainwear

When suggesting the right rainwear to your customers, there are several items worth considering. First, what’s the climate like where your customers are located? Lots of rain? Moderate amounts of rain? Occasional rain? Second, what style is their audience likely to appreciate? Upscale and urban? High-performing outdoorsy?

Next, think about the quality of the materials and the construction. A wide span of size options and gender-specific models ensure the same product can work for the whole team (which simplifies the ordering process). Finally, their end-users will wear and value jackets that are well-made, comfortable and offer stylish, functional features.

Of utmost importance in a rain jacket is, of course, that it offers real protection from the weather. Breathability also has prime appeal, especially for audiences who will be active when wearing it. And eco-friendly options resonate with more and more people each year, both employees and consumers.


Storm Creek Rainwear Styles

We have several rain jacket options that check all the boxes for your customers. All of them are available in both men’s and women’s styles and come in neutral colors that take a variety of decoration well: 

  • Voyager Packable Rain JacketThis lightweight, highly versatile jacket is waterproof, seam-sealed, breathable and packable. It’s made with an Oeko-Tex certified 5K 2.4-ounce ripstop nylon fabric.
  • Explorer Waterproof Breathable Rain JacketThe biggest hitter in our rainwear line, the Explorer offers 4-way stretch, 20K breathable waterproof 3.4-ounce fabric that’s 48% recycled polyester. It has waterproof zipped pockets, a hood and underarm vents.
  • Commuter All-Season Jacket—An upscale, urban style with a removable hood constructed of waterproof and breathable 10K 5.1-oz fabric that’s 50% recycled polyester.
  • Idealist Windbreaker Jacket—This hooded lightweight rain jacket comes in an attractive color-block design. The 2.5-ounce ripstop fabric is water-resistant, windproof and 40% recycled polyester.


The Best Decorating Techniques for Custom Rainwear

Keeping its wearer dry is one of the main functions of rainwear. So it’s important not to compromise performance by applying decoration poorly or choosing the wrong type of decoration. 

For the best results, your customers should work with a reputable decorator experienced with rainwear and other garments meant to be worn in adverse weather conditions. Here’s a look at the most common methods for adding corporate logos and other elements and what to consider for each when it comes to rainwear:



  • Patchwork gives the same look as embroidery, but with fewer stitches puncturing the fabric. This is the most highly recommended way to decorate your rainwear.
  • Choose patches made from durable, weather-resistant materials that complement the rainwear fabric. Consider patches made from PVC, rubber, or coated fabrics for better weather protection.
  • Use waterproof threads on the patches themselves as well as stitching patches to the jackets. Using a waterproof backing will also ensure the integrity of the weathproof fabric.
  • Apply a sealer over the stitched areas for maximum weather protection.



  • Partner with experienced embroiderers familiar with waterproof and water-resistant fabrics.
  • Note that embroidery can slightly compromise waterproofing. Applying a seam sealer or waterproof coating over the embroidered areas can help cover all those tiny holes that are now in the fabric. At Storm Creek we recommend using a waterproof backing to help maintain the fabric’s weatherproof barrier.
  • Opt for durable, moisture-resistant threads like polyester/recycled polyester or rayon.


Screen Printing

  • It's important to ensure the screen print adheres to the water-resistant fabric correctly. We recommend asking your decorator about applying a Hugger Catalyst for longer-lasting designs.
  • Once applied, the inks should be properly cured to ensure they bond securely to the jacket material.
  • A protective sealer over the decoration is an option to keep the decoration looking its best over time.


Heat Transfer

  • Heat transfers are not typically recommended on rainwear. If your customer is interested in this type of decoration, be sure to work with an experienced decorator. It is important to ensure the correct type of adhesive and machinery is used based on the garment’s fabric content, finish, and more.
  • Some rainwear materials may be sensitive to high heat. Always test heat transfer applications on a small area or sample first.
  • Be aware that continuous moisture exposure can weaken the adhesive bond used in the heat transfer process.
  • A protectant waterproof seal over the decoration will give it a longer life.


    All rainwear depends on proper maintenance to keep its performance capabilities over time. We recommend spot cleaning to keep our garments in tip-top shape. Machine washing should be done only rarely for the fabric to maintain its water-resistant properties. Plus, less washing is better for the environment and your clothing—keeping the materials and decorations looking their best for longer.


    How to Use Brand Elements to Advantage

    Your customers can use fonts, colors and graphic designs that align well with their company’s identity and brand. Our rainwear is available year-round in black, navy and grays that go well with any decoration color scheme.

    Besides color consideration, the placement of the decoration is important for it to be seen. The upper left chest is an ideal and very visible option, especially for an item with a fully zippered front like a rain jacket. Another great option is an upper-sleeve placement. A more subtle addition could be along a wrist cuff. Before placing something behind the neck, consider that it’ll be hidden whenever the hood isn’t being worn.


    Storm Creek Decorator Network 

    We don’t handle the decoration here at Storm Creek, but we’ve developed a network of decorators we’re confident to recommend to you for branded apparel. These companies are across the United States including in our home state of Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, Illinois and California.

    We’re happy to ship your decorated orders directly to one of these partners in our network at no cost to you. See our Decorator Network PDF for all the details, along with addresses and phone numbers.