How to Promote Storm Creek with Our 2024 Catalog

How to Promote Storm Creek with Our 2024 Catalog

You’ll find lots to love in Storm Creek’s 2024 Catalog to make it easy to promote us to all of your clients.


We have exciting new styles as well as our best-sellers, new colors as well as reliable core colors, even more upcycled bottles per garment for better fabrics, and one of the highest wholesale margins in the industry.


As a company, we’re always “Seeking Better.” Continual innovations in technology allow us to make our products better and with a higher percentage of recycled fabrics. Our goal for 2023 was to upcycle 30 million plastic water bottles, and we’re already over 28 million. Our 2024 goal is to hit 45 million upcycled bottles.


We’ll go through some new product specifics here. If you have any questions after reading, be sure to contact your Storm Creek sales rep.


A couple notes first:

  • For even more details watch the recording of our recent webinar with Storm Creek President Doug Jackson. It includes the presentation of our 2024 Catalog along with some Q&A with those who attended. (36 minutes). Watch it here.
  • Go to our Digital Catalog if you'd like to take a look at the products, colors and fabrics we cover below while you read.
  • Core Colors: In our Catalog pages you’ll see a circle with a “C” alongside our products. That C means a core color. These are the colors you’re almost guaranteed will be in stock and are the colors to emphasize for your customer programs.
  • The “N” colors are new colors. In our 2024 Catalog, we have over one hundred new colors.


What’s New for 2024

 First, what isn’t new are prices. Despite increasing sustainability in 21 styles this year we were able to hold our prices steady. In fact, we actually lowered the price of our MTOs by a dollar per item (our Made-to-Order items: Front-Runner Jacket and Vest).


Almost all our styles include men’s and women’s versions with tailored fit, something our customers have always loved.


Let’s look at a few new products and fabrics for 2024:


Summit Jacket

We’ve been wanting to make a heavy fleece jacket for years. Finally, one of our amazing factories came to us with this fabric—a bonded microfleece with sherpa lining. Very cozy, warm and comfortable, it uses up to 40 recycled bottles per garment.


Overachiever Jacket, Pullover and Vest

We’ve been making sweaterfleece since 2009. It’s a beautiful item because it’s both outdoorsy and professional-looking so it can be classy for office wear or uniforms. We’ve come out with several new colors for the Overachiever styles, including a beautiful new black. We also added a women’s Overachiever Pullover.


Artisan Shirt Jacket

This modern take on classic street style is perfect for jumping in and out of the car and as fall wear on chilly days. It’s quilted with 35% recycled 100 GSM Thermolite® insulation. The shell is a 100% recycled fabric that’s PFAS-free and windproof/water-resistant. We’ve been working to get PFAS out of our waterproof products and are very excited about this new shell material.


Aviator Jacket

A fresh take on the bomber jacket with a stretch rib collar, cuffs and bottom band. This fall/spring mainstay is insulated with 35% recycled 60 GSM Thermolite® and uses the same 100% recycled PFAS-free shell as the Artisan. This material has a matte finish versus the traditional glossy finish of waterproofed items.


Traveler Vest and Jacket:

Our packable favorite, the Traveler line received new colors and the new PFAS-free matte-finish shell. These lightly insulated pieces are ideal for layering, and they pack right into their own pocket for easy travel. A customer favorite!


Innovator II Jacket

A sleek exterior with our new PFAS-free weather-resistant material along with quilted 100 GSM Thermolite® insulation. Up to 25 bottles are used in these versatile jackets. It comes in black for men and women.


We also introduced new colors for many of our key sellers, including our Sightseer Tee and Hoodie and Pacesetter Quarter Zip.


We’ve been asked about the #1 item we would recommend for first-time Storm Creek buyers. You can’t go wrong with the Pacesetter Quarter Zip. People love that style and customers can’t believe how soft and cozy it is. Even our models gush over it. Our Joggers are another very popular product.


The Sustainable Story is Here to Stay

We started our journey towards full sustainability in 2017. Now many of the top CEOs in the world’s companies are saying it’s an important topic. Some of your customers might not think about it when they order a couple hundred polos or jackets, but you can assure them their end user is thinking about more ways to help protect our planet.


Keep reminding your customers that sustainability is a growing theme. Our order confirmation and billing slip show how many bottles have been upcycled with that order, our product tags show it, and our product pages in the catalogs and online show those numbers.


We recently joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a non-profit alliance of 280+ member organizations in over 36 countries. We’re committed to this for the long haul.


Storm Creek’s Quality

We’ve always been committed to quality, too, and that starts with the fabric. People often wonder whether recycled fabrics can be just as good as virgin fabrics, and we’ve proven they can. We’ve had some of our retail stores tell us we’re the best supplier they’ve ever used.


We work incredibly hard on fit and finishes. Our apparel fits well across product lines—if you wear a medium in the Pacesetter Quarter Zip, you’ll wear a medium in the Aviator Jacket and a medium in the Influencer Woven Shirt. We offer sizes from small to 4XL in men’s and from extra-small to 3XL in women’s. Those sizes satisfy 97% of our orders. We also offer a few items in tall and 5XL.


Our finishes are top-notch, with garments still looking brand new wash after wash after wash. It’s important that your customers give their end users apparel they’ll love to wear and that will last for years. If they fit well, wash well and still look good with repeated use, fewer of these will end up in our landfills. That’s a goal we all want to strive for.


Resources to Help You Sell Storm Creek

We have several tools that make it easy for you to sell Storm Creek to your customers. Be sure you’re on our Distributor website at:—not our retail site (


Our Distributor website gives you access to these tools. Some are available to everyone, and many are behind a secure log-in page. Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • Pricing: Log in to your account to find wholesale pricing.
  • Custom Virtual Rendering: This free online service allows you to render your customer’s logo on the product they’re considering. This is a great way for your customers to visualize their options.
  • Size Charts, Branded Displays, Sell Sheets and Check Inventory—all available either online or through your sales rep. If you are looking to access these resources online, you’ll find them on every product page.
  • Curated Sample Kits: Get a kit of four product samples of your choice to show your customers, 40% off wholesale.
  • Digital and print catalogs: Request a print catalog and we’ll mail it to your door at no charge—free shipping included. Our Digital catalog is available 24/7 on the website.


Look for the Resources tab at the top navigation bar to find these tools.


If you’d like our Sustainable Compliance information, just ask your sales rep who can get this info from our Compliance Team for you.


Thank you for your partnership with Storm Creek!