Make a Positive Impact: Give Sustainable Gifts

Make a Positive Impact: Give Sustainable Gifts

At Storm Creek, one of our goals is to increase our positive impact through sustainability. By collaborating with us, you ensure that your gift-giving not only resonates with your corporate brand goals but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

Here are six ways sustainable gift-giving adds good to our world:

Reminds Us of the Importance of Being Good to the Environment

Perhaps the primary reason we focus so much on sustainability is because of its positive environmental impact. Earth is our home. As we become more aware of the harm we've all done to it in the past we can work to make improvements like: 

  • Having a smaller carbon footprint and reducing carbon emissions
  • Accepting environmental responsibility so we're part of the solution
  • Avoiding single-use plastics as much as we can
  • Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals

We're passionate about taking advantage of sustainable alternatives in the fabrics we use in our high-quality apparel. Since 2020, we have been using recycled materials, like plastic bottles, in our entire offering. This has kept more than 30 million of them out of landfills and oceans by replacing virgin polyester with our recycled polyester yarns. You can learn more about our From Bottle to Better Process here.

When you and your customers do your shopping at sustainable brands like ours you know you're impacting our planet for good. Our environmental issues seem overwhelming, but we can band together to help improve them within our own spheres of influence.

Giving gifts that are sustainable is a great way to do this.

Reduces Waste

Another way sustainable gifting makes a positive impact is through the reduction of waste. That the fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters is an unfortunate fact. "Fast fashion" is a huge contributor to that—quick production of cheaply-made clothing. Much of it contributes to the millions of tons of garbage tossed out every year in the US.

Instead, shop sustainable for your gift-giving and encourage your customers to do the same. 

Sustainable materials can be those made from natural ingredients that are fast-growing and decompose easily. Or they can be made of recyclable materials (like the plastic bottles we use) for a second life.

Apparel that fits well, is made with care, and is designed to last for many seasons of wear is more likely to stay in the closet and out of the landfills. The same can be said for other types of products—high-quality encourages use for many years without the need to constantly toss and replace.

Encourages Businesses to Innovate

The more consumers and corporate buyers demand sustainable gifts, the more businesses will want to commit to innovation and creativity that drives eco-friendly solutions. 

A few years ago, who would've thought we could convert cast-off single-use water bottles into a cozy pair of joggers? Or turn a fast-growing member of the grass family called bamboo into a quarter zip pullover?

That is what's been happening because of companies like ours that look for practical solutions without adding to environmental problems. We can learn new methods for the use of natural resources. We can make small changes that save water or save on plastic use. We can come up with additional ways to save on energy consumption. 

All of these innovations add up to boost the health of our environment and the people who live in it, both current and future generations.  

A Way to Support Ethical Business Practices

Most businesses that value sustainable practices in manufacturing also value social responsibility in their supply chain. So when consumers and corporate buyers shop for eco-friendly gifts for their loved ones or employees, their buying choices usually help to positively impact ethical practices in business.

Maybe it's a local coffee shop or boutique committed to fair trade gift items. Maybe, like us, a business ensures that its sourcing partners and factories adhere to a high standard for work environment and safety practices through certification. 

As the demand for more sustainable gift options grows, conscientious consumers can help those along the supply chain enjoy ethical living and working conditions by buying from the right companies.  

Provides Educational Value to the Giver and Receiver

Do you know why we put so much effort into our messaging about sustainability? Because we all can learn more about why it's important and what we can do to help. 

Whether your goal is to have a more sustainable holiday season, to find the perfect gift for a loved one's special occasion, or to show appreciation to your employees, both the gift giver and recipient get the opportunity to learn about sustainable choices and how they can benefit the planet and people.

As we continue to educate ourselves, we pass that on to our retail and corporate customers. When those people have sustainable gift ideas for the people in their lives, they can share what they've learned with them, and the circle continues.

Creates a Ripple Effect by Being a Positive Example

The more we all learn about and practice sustainable gift-giving, the more these benefits will ripple out to those in our spheres of influence, whether those are family members, friends or co-workers.

Businesses of all sizes can influence their employees and customers. And people want to buy from and work for companies who care. They're setting a positive example that will, hopefully, be contagious and spread.

It's Easy to Gift Sustainably with Storm Creek

Everything in our catalog is ethically sourced and eco-friendly. So those who gift Storm Creek apparel can be confident in the benefits to the environment and positive business practices.

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