PRESS RELEASE: Storm Creek Releases 2021 Catalog, majority of its products transition to eco-made

PRESS RELEASE: Storm Creek Releases 2021 Catalog, majority of its products transition to eco-made

EAGAN, MN (October 10, 2020) Storm Creek, a leading supplier of premium eco-made outdoor-inspired apparel headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, announced the release of its 2021 catalog, which features a robust collection of new styles and colors, 75% of which is environmentally friendly.

Due to COVID-19 the sale will look a little different this year with online, in-store, personal shopping and mystery box options.

Storm Creek has made a substantial commitment to incorporate recycled fabrics and sustainable components into every style by the end of 2021. This catalog reflects that mission.

"We believe our apparel is a force for good," said Storm Creek President Doug Jackson."Through thoughtful design, incredible quality, and unsurpassed performance, we've worked extremely hard to perfect our products, making them better for the customer, out communities, and our planet."

Many of the styles are made with recycled fabrics and insulation from post-consumer waster, such as plastic bottles. Each eco-made product in the catalog includes a bottle count icon showing how many recycled bottles are used to make the garments. In all, Storm Creek has prevented more than 3 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans.

The 2021 catalog includes MSRP pricing only, allowing it to be enjoyed by a variety of audiences, and making it easier for distributors to show to their end-user customers. It allows distributors more pricing flexibility and ultimately helps them achieving better margins.

"This catalog really is the very best of Storm Creek," Jackson continued. "Not only are we showcasing better fabrics and products, the new pricing represents the true value of our brand. While it may be an uneasy transition for some to see MSRP pricing in the promotional product industry, we believe it positions Storm Creek among the top in the industry and is a win-win for distributors and end-users alike.

Aside from numerous new styles, fabrics, and premium decoration methods, the company also offers a full-suite of made-to-order and customization options, including its Zipperize® line of colored zipper pulls, allowing customers to add one of 16 different colors to any Storm Creek garment, or mix and match colors.

To request hard-copies or a custom eCatalog, visit