Storm Creek Sustainability School™ 2.0

Storm Creek Sustainability School™ 2.0

Storm Creek Sustainability School™ serves as our commitment to educating both distributors and consumers about the fashion industry’s alarming pollution record while offering practical steps to reverse this trend and embrace eco-friendly practices.

We proudly represent the 2.21% of the entire fashion industry dedicated to certified sustainable manufacturing practices. As awareness grows within the industry and among consumers, we anticipate a rise in this percentage. The more distributors and consumers get on board with sustainability, the higher (and faster) that percentage will grow. 

The increasing demand for earth-and-people-friendly practices WILL influence more and more manufacturers, retailers and companies who are genuinely interested in making a positive impact. We’re here to support that transition! Enroll in Storm Creek Sustainability School™ to gain insights into eco-friendly sales strategies that empower you and your end users to make informed (and sustainable!) decisions.

Here is an overview of some of the topics we cover in Storm Creek Sustainability School™:


Big Picture Issues Within the Clothing Industry

Before embracing sustainability, it’s crucial to understand the vast environmental implications of the fashion industry. The biggest of these is pollution. A close second is the natural resources needed to continually produce new apparel from raw materials.

Another concern is the synthetic chemicals that have been used for decades in apparel that are now known to be harmful to both the environment and people. A prime example is the family of PFAS chemicals used to waterproof gear and outdoor apparel. Though Sustainability School™, you’ll learn about recent and upcoming legislature on these chemicals and gain insights into proactive measures to safeguard the environment and human well-being.


Ways Corporations Can Practice Sustainability

Storm Creek Sustainability School™ explores additional practices for making a positive impact, drawing from our experiences to provide practical insights.

The topics we cover are water usage and conservation, carbon emissions, sustainable fabrics, transparent supply chains, circular economy, and customer sentiment on sustainable products.


How We Present Our Storm Creek Sustainability School

We plan to offer Storm Creek Sustainability School™ at various events throughout the year and beyond. One important venue is the 2024 PPAI Expo so we can be in-person with distributors like you.

Other options to attend will be during Earth Month in April and future webinars. As a valuable part of Sustainability School™, we encourage participants to enrich their understanding by taking our online quiz.

We look forward to meeting you on this journey towards a more sustainable and informed future for all.