Storm Creek's 2024 Spring Collection

Storm Creek's 2024 Spring Collection

We’re ready to show you our 2024 Spring Collection and couldn’t be more excited! We’re confident both you and your customers will find a lot to love about these new styles, fabrics and colors. 

The goal with all our apparel is to use the highest percentage of sustainable fibers we can. At the same time, we seek continual innovation with our styling while we pursue the best possible fit and quality for every item we sell.

A tall order perhaps, but it’s all part of our mission of Seeking Better for our customers and planet. Here’s a first look at what’s new for Spring 2024:


New Styles for Spring 2024

We’re committed to helping reduce plastic waste by using recycled plastic bottles in our polyester apparel. So committed, in fact, that we’ve upcycled over 32 million of them since 2019.

Another way to produce eco-friendly clothing is to use sustainable natural fibers like cotton and bamboo that are grown and manufactured in environmentally-friendly ways. We are continuously exploring ways to enhance the sustainability of our fabrics, whether by refining existing materials or introducing innovative alternatives.

Beyond fabric sustainability, we carefully consider the markets we serve, including promotional products, retail, and direct-to-consumer. These markets significantly influence the styles, silhouettes, and color choices of our offerings.

Senior Designer, Jeff Wright expressed enthusiasm for the Spring 2024 collection, stating, “It draws inspiration from prevailing trends like refined luxury, simplistic and timeless designs, and a preference for casual wear crafted from natural and cozy fabrics.”

These trends are prominently featured in our Spring 2024 product line. Here’s a quick look:

Renewer II Quarter Zip—Make every day pajama day! Affectionately known as “professional pajamas” around our office, the Renewer II makes you look great and feel even better. Made with a combination of recycled polyester and bamboo viscose, this quarter zip will continue to look amazing wash after wash.

Pacesetter Hoodie—The Pacesetter has long been a bestseller for us, and this spring we’re introducing the Pacesetter Hoodie for men and women in a range of trendy spring colors. Designed to be irresistibly touchable, this hoodie’s luxuriously soft and high-stretch fabric invites you to experience comfort like never before. UPF 30+ sun protection is an added bonus.

Tiebreaker Vest—Make a winning statement wherever you go, whether it’s the office or the golf course. The Tiebreaker Vest’s lightweight and super-stretch fabric lets you move with ease, keeping you at the top of your game. Its half-zip construction allows for easy on, easy off. And it’s windproof and water resistant for that extra bit of protection from the elements.

Shoreliner Quarter Zip—For comfort that goes anywhere check out our new Shoreliner Quarter Zip. You’ll want to wear this cotton/bamboo viscose layer with everything. Its relaxed fit and lightweight warmth make it as comfy as your favorite sweatshirt but with classier styling.

Challenger Jacket—Life is hard enough. Getting dressed shouldn’t be! The Challenger Jacket is designed to elevate every outfit no matter where you’re headed. It doesn’t just look good, though. This lightweight jacket feels amazingly soft and comfortable with 4-way stretch and adjustable cuffs.


Fit, Fabric and Functionality

As always, we were obsessed with getting the fit right for our new men’s and women’s styles. That’s because comfort and fit are key for branded apparel to be worn. And we’re confident these fresh Spring styles and colors will appeal to a wide range of audience preferences and age range. 

Not only that, but each piece is also designed to be highly functional with features like high-stretch material, built-in sun protection and quality zippers.

As our textile industry partners continue to innovate ways to turn upcycled plastic bottles into yarns and fabrics, we continue to increase the percentage of recycled polyester in our garments. For our Spring 2024 line, most of our new items are made with 88-90% recycled polyester vs virgin polyester. That’s very exciting for us!

The items that aren’t polyester-based are made with a combination of sustainable cotton and bamboo viscose, both biodegradable natural fibers. Many of your customers will appreciate having the option of both natural fiber and synthetic apparel.


The bluesign® Stamp of Approval

An exciting addition to our Spring 2024 collection is the incorporation of a bluesign® approved product. The Challenger Jacket utilizes bluesign® manufacturing processes, which guarantees that these items are manufactured according to the highest environmental standards in the industry. Standards for chemical consumption, carbon emissions, water consumption, energy use and the health and safety of workers are all considered throughout the supply chain to achieve this label. 

Bluesign® approved means you can have confidence that your customers and end-users committed to sustainability and good working conditions will love our bluesign® options. Eco-friendly products are an especially high priority for Millennials—and this demographic is predicted to comprise a whopping 75% of the workforce by next year.


New 2024 Colors for Corporate Branding Favorites

The Inspiration Behind Our Color Choices

Our senior designers Jeff Wright and Karina Fernandes leverage color forecasting services to track evolving color trends. With each passing year and season, our color palettes undergo thoughtful adjustments.

Karina explains, “Color trends tend to follow from one season into the next. The earthy tones and mineral hues from Fall transform into softer variations for spring, featuring shades like Celadon, Driftwood, Twilight Blue, Mauve and Clay.” Building on the sun-washed tones of the previous spring, Watermelon, Pink Orchid, Limelight join the palette, complimenting earlier Melon, Violet, and Lavender hues.

Carefully chosen names for our colors reflect the essence of the upcoming warm seasons—Watermelon, Pink Orchid, Twilight Blue, Clay and Driftwood. And the colors are intentionally designed to coordinate well with each other so layering and combining styles is effortless.

While our broadest color ranges are aimed at the retail market, we offer seasonal choices to our corporate branding customers too. And of course, the Core Colors (those that are available season after season) for each item are marked clearly in our catalog for those who prefer more traditional options. This variety gives your customers and the end user the best of all color worlds. 

In addition to our new items, three of our customer favorites are seeing new color options for Spring 2024:

Sightseer Hoodie—Our most versatile hoodie yet, Sightseer is designed to keep you fresh from your morning workout to your afternoon coffee run. The attractive pinstripe jersey heather fabric is oh-so soft and offers UPF 30+ sun protection to boot. Peri Blue for men and women and Watermelon for women are this season’s new colors.

Pacesetter Quarter Zip—The shirt that’s always down to cuddle. A best-seller for a reason, the Pacesetter begs to be touched. This amazing fabric is lusciously soft and fits to a T. We like to call it “the shirt that snuggles you back”! For Spring 2024 we’re offering it in new Driftwood, Clay and Twilight Blue for men and Pink Orchid and Twilight Blue for women.

Visionary II Polo—Visionary Polo lives with you. Its high-stretch, moisture-wicking fabric with its zipper collar guarantees a crisp look wash after wash. You’ll live in this polo from day to night. Women get two new colors to pick from in the Spring 2024 lineup—Dark Heather Gray and Red.


Availability and Ordering Information

We invite you to peruse our Spring 2024 New Arrivals catalog today. You’re welcome to see it online or download the PDF version. Some of our new products are in stock already (January 2024) while others will be coming soon.

Here are three easy ways to place your orders:


Questions? Reach out to your Sales Rep or email us.


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