Storm Creek's Journey to PFAS-Free Fabrics

Storm Creek's Journey to PFAS-Free Fabrics

Here at Storm Creek, we’ve been committed to converting all our waterproof and water-resistant fabrics to be PFAS-free since 2021. We’ll reach our goal in 2024.

PFAS” is an acronym for a broad range of synthetic chemicals used, among thousands of other applications, for waterproofing outerwear. These “fluorocarbon-based” chemicals are known for their water and grease resistance. They perform admirably to protect outdoor enthusiasts from the elements and last for years. One of the most common of these used in outerwear was known as C8 DWR (8 molecules of carbon, Durable Water Repellant).

However, we now know this family of chemicals is so stable that they’re referred to as “forever chemicals.” They don’t break down in the environment. They’ve contributed to pollution all over the globe and are suspected of causing health issues. It became enough of a concern that some governments have been regulating and are now banning their use in most applications.


How Storm Creek Has Innovated for Sustainability

Storm Creek President Doug Jackson said, “We have followed the regulations over the years and have been slowly lowering our PFAS usage. California is usually the leader in all environmental requirements which was slated to have all PFAS use be down to “C-ZERO” or C0 by the end of 2025. 

“Then New York instituted a new law that all PFAS had to be C0 in just 12 months—by the end of 2023. That forced the issue of getting manufacturers to change their PFAS use more quickly. Many manufacturers and brands fought that due to the difficulty in having to change so quickly with their supply chains.”

We began moving towards C0 in 2021. Since then, we’ve been able to get most of our outerwear items to carbon-zero including the Idealist line, the Guardian Softshells, Commuter All-Season Jackets, the Explorer Waterproof Rain Jackets and Pants, Voyager Packable Rain Jackets and the Front Runner line.

The only items we couldn’t get to C0 and keep garment performance was the Traveler Jackets and Vests. Instead, we changed those to the matte finish fabric for their waterproof/breathable membranes and laminates.


Storm Creek’s New PFAS-Free Jackets

As highlighted in our 2024 Fall Catalog, there are four items that are either brand new or are now made with the PFAS-free matte finish material. Not only that, we’ve been able to increase the recycled polyester ratio to virgin polyester in our fabrics by a significant amount as well: 

TRAVELER JACKET (PFAS FREE)—Our newest Traveler Jacket has the same great fit and performance as its predecessor but with a PFAS-free 100% recycled polyester fine denier woven shell. Consumers get the same warmth, packability and comfort. The jacket’s lining is also 100% recycled polyester. The 60 GSM Thermolite insulation is 65% polyester and 35% recycled polyester, using 22 recycled bottles per garment in the men’s version and 21 in the women’s. The available color is Jet.

TRAVELER VEST (PFAS FREE)—Identical to the Traveler Jacket in fabric, fit and insulation our Traveler Vest packs into its own pocket for ultimate portability, just like the Jacket. The Vest uses 15 recycled bottles per garment in the women’s version and 17 in the men’s. It’s available in Jet.

ARTISAN JACKET—Brand new for 2024, this modern take on a classic street style features 100 GSM Thermolite insulation for even more warmth. The ratio of recycled-to-virgin polyesters is the same as the Traveler. The fine denier woven shell is PFAS-free with a matte finish. The men’s version uses 21 recycled bottles per garment and comes in Olive Drab, Black and Fatigue Green. The women’s version uses 19 recycled bottles and comes in Nutmeg, Black and Fatigue Green.

AVIATOR JACKET—Our second new jacket for ’24, the Aviator, is our take on the Bomber-style jacket of the good ol’ days. Again, you’ll see the 100% recycled polyester fine denier woven PFAS-free shell that keeps the elements out. The 60 GSM Thermolite insulation adds warmth for a wide range of temperatures. The Aviator uses 18 recycled bottles per garment in the men’s version and 14 in the women’s version. Both are available in Black, Navy and Fatigue Green.


We continue to be Seekers of Better. Better sustainability, better quality and better fit.