Sustainability and Branding: Strategies for Eco-Friendly Branding Initiatives

Sustainability and Branding: Strategies for Eco-Friendly Branding Initiatives

Branded merchandise is one of the best ways for businesses and organizations to promote themselves in a friendly and organic way. This is especially true when the branded items have high value and longevity.

Promotional products are American consumers’ favorite form of advertising—above radio, newspaper, television, magazines, mobile and the Internet. This is true no matter the consumers’ age, gender or region. And environmentally-friendly branded merchandise is favored by 46% of those consumers, with those numbers growing (ASI’s Ad Impressions Study 2023 PDF). 

Storm Creek is a sustainable apparel brand committed to making high-quality clothing people love to wear. Your customers’ won’t just love our garments—they’ll appreciate our commitment to eco-friendly practices from start to finish.


The Importance of Sustainable Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise that isn’t valued or doesn’t have a long shelf life adds to our planet’s environmental crisis—no one wants to add to the “brandfill.” Every time a piece gets thrown away instead of used, it wastes that brand’s investment and ends up in a landfill rather than in front of peoples’ eyes and memories. 

Traditional branded items that are single-use, non-biodegradable or perceived as low value are especially problematic. With the growing number of consumers who care about the condition of our natural environment, these are increasingly seen in a negative light—along with the brands they represent.

Instead, companies that invest in quality branded merchandise that helps reduce waste and minimize their environmental footprint are seen more positively. Their products will be kept in front of more people as they’re used or worn regularly.

Demand is growing for eco-friendly products and practices among consumers across the board—including branded merchandise. So not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for business!

This article in Business News Daily cites a study that shows 66% of consumers consider sustainability when they buy. The percentage jumps to 75% among Millennials. And search engines have seen a 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods in the last five years.

In the branded merchandise world, 49% of American women and 42% of men feel more favorably toward companies that offer eco-friendly promo products (ASI’s Ad Impressions Study 2023 PDF).

The bottom line: This desire for sustainability is not going away! Instead, it’s increasing.


How Storm Creek’s Sustainable Apparel Aligns with Sustainability Goals

There are three main ways our apparel aligns with our commitment to sustainability:

1. Use of Upcycled Materials

We are dedicated to using upcycled materials in our apparel to do our part in reducing waste and conserving natural resources. We do this primarily by using upcycled plastics like rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) that can be converted to polyester yarns. These yarns are then weaved into the high-quality, high-performance fabrics we use in our apparel.

We’re proud to have upcycled over 36 million plastic bottles so far! Those are 36 million plastic bottles that aren’t in our landfills or oceans.


2. Ethical Manufacturing Practices

We also value the people who work in every stage of our supply chain. That’s why we’re committed to fair labor practices, ethical sourcing and transparency. We actively seek out factories, mills and partners that meet our high standards in environmental care and safety practices for their workers.

Companies that use Storm Creek for their branded merchandise are partnering with us and ethical standards organizations like OEKO-TEX®, BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). In addition, we are Prop65 compliant. That means we use no harmful chemicals in our products or packaging, ensuring our garments are non-toxic and safe to wear.


3. Durability and Longevity

None of the above benefits your customers, though, unless our apparel is also durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Our products fit well and are constructed with longevity in mind. This contributes to both reduced waste (eco-friendliness) and more impressions over time (extended product lifespan).

We’re proponents of the “buy less, but better” concept when it comes to apparel, including branded merchandise. This idea counters the “fast fashion” model that’s been disastrous for our environment. Better quality means more wear over a longer time. Everybody wins: the brand, the consumer and the environment.


Advantages of Choosing Sustainable Branded Merchandise from Storm Creek

You and your customers experience several advantages when you partner with Storm Creek for your branded merchandise.

First, there’s high value in aligning your brand with eco-friendly initiatives like sustainable branded products. That alignment strengthens brand identity and perception for both eco-conscious employees and consumers. A growing number of people love to work for and buy from companies that care for more than just profit.

Next, we specialize in the branded apparel market. We have a wide range of gender-specific clothing and jacket options your audience can customize and personalize that will showcase their commitment to sustainability. We have a Decorator Network of partners for reliable service and eco-friendly printing and decorating techniques—like environmentally safe inks and processes that use less water.

Finally, we have plenty of educational content and resources related to sustainability that provide you with value-added information for your customers. You can take advantage of the research we do and the technology we employ to encourage awareness and action in your network. You’ll easily find articles, size charts, sample programs, freight solutions, price lists and more on our website.


Eco-Friendly Branding is the Future

The more action steps we all take for sustainability, the better it will be for everyone. When you choose Storm Creek apparel for your branded merchandise customers, you know you’re taking eco-friendly steps in the right direction.

Together we’ll work towards happier customers and a healthier planet!