Sustainable Fashion Show with Twin Cities Live

Sustainable Fashion Show with Twin Cities Live

Storm Creek's Sustainable Fashion Show with Twin Cities Live


April 20, 2023

Gear up for spring with Storm Creek eco-apparel! In this segment, Storm Creek’s CEO Teresa Fudenberg shares with the Twin Cities Live audience our “bottle to better” process, with extra attention to a few of our products.

Sustainability Quiz:

  1. How many plastic beverage bottles are used every year?
  2. What percent of plastic bottles are typically recycled each year?

(Watch the video for the answers!)

Key Takeaways:

  • Storm Creek is committed to making use of as many recycled plastic water bottles as we can in our products.
  • Our apparel is designed to be all-season and all-purpose. Our products are equally at home at the golf course, at the office, in the board room or on a hike.
  • In the video clip, Nicole is wearing about 32 plastic water bottles between her Trendsetter Joggers, Influencer Gingham Shirt and Sightseer Hoodie.
  • Bill is wearing both water bottles and bamboo. His Unwinder Bamboo Printed Polo is naturally wicking, offers UPF protection and is odor-resistant. Besides bamboo, it uses 6 plastic water bottles. His Idealist Wind Vest uses 3 recycled bottles.
  • Storm Creek occasionally offers Mystery Boxes for men and women. Pick your size and be surprised!
  • 10% of the profits of our 2023 Everyday Eco Festival went towards Mississippi Park Connection.

Learn more about sustainable living:

Watch the full segment here.