The Life of a CEO

The Life of a CEO

A lot has happened since we spent the last #internationalwomensday together. Storm Creek Owner and CEO Teresa Fudenberg shares what she has learned personally and professionally over the past year. Note-taking is encouraged.


Storm Creek had a record-breaking revenue and giving year in 2022. With fast growth comes opportunities, challenges, excitement, and a lot of hard work. One thing that Teresa consistently makes a priority is her professional development. You read that right- even CEOs have things to learn. Recently, Teresa read The 6 Types of Working Genius by Patrick Lencioni. She says, “I was talking to our EOS implementer, Matt Golberg, and I was explaining some of the challenges we face as a company and my desire to be a better manager. He said I had to read this book. It’s all about using people’s strengths and recognizing areas where they excel. Instead of trying to make someone into something they aren’t, it’s all about using their unique strengths (AKA working genius).” Storm Creek plans to use the Working Genius to overcome the obstacles of a growing business and team. Another leadership tip from Teresa is consistency. She shares, “Whatever system you run on, for Storm Creek, it’s EOS, do it consistently. Whenever you stop, you’ll notice people are less focused. We are guilty of getting off track with EOS when it matters most- busy Q4.” Teresa balances her professional development by reading Colleen Hoover. She always has a few Hoovers checked out from her local library and on her kindle.


“I’ve concluded that some seasons of life are just hard. There’s no way getting around it, so you have to figure out how to get through it.” Teresa opens up that she has a difficult situation with both her parents. Finding joy and maintaining a work-life balance has been key to helping Teresa navigate the hard seasons of life. “My whole working life, I have been searching for the perfect balance. Sometimes you have to give [women] permission to get out the door and take care of what matters most: family. It could be kids or parents, but my heart goes out to you if you are searching for that balance.”

Day-to-Day :

Teresa’s day-to-day consists of typical CEO activities. An early wake-up call, coffee + think time, remembering to feed Toby (email can be so distracting!), meetings, and hopefully squeezing in a workout at Orange Theory. However, March 8, 2023, is a special day. Thanks to the 3M Open Empowerment Series, presented by Inspire Medical Systems, Teresa had the opportunity to mentor 15 female business leaders. Teresa shares her story about starting her marketing consulting company at the wise age of 24. Safe to say Teresa has always had a knack for business and helping companies exceed their potential. She attributes that passion to her dad, Ross Bird. He had her working on business plans and sales forecasts at the dinner table.

No two days are the same when you focus on being a female entrepreneur and being there for your family. Being a woman in business is challenging, oftentimes exhausting, but always exciting. At Storm Creek, we are grateful to have such a strong leader and role model in Teresa. She empowers everyone to Seek Better every day.