The Power of Storm Creek Sample Kits

The Power of Storm Creek Sample Kits

Storm Creek Sample Kits are your most effective tool to sell our eco-friendly outdoor-inspired products. With more and more Americans eager to shop sustainably (over 91%, according to Forbes), we make it easy for you to help your end-buyers discover and use apparel they can feel great about.

    At Storm Creek, our entire apparel line is eco-made. So your sustainable-loving customers can fully embrace our products. Plus, they’ll also get excited about the quality, fit, feel and function.

    The best way to experience that is with our Sample Kits.


    The Power of Sample Kits

    Sample Kits provide several benefits to you and your customers:

    1. Increase Sales

    It’s one thing to see garments on a screen or in a catalog, read the descriptions and hope for the best. It’s a major step up to have those garments in front of you, examine their quality, feel the softness, sample the fit, and see the rich colors.

    That first-hand experience leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction. There’s no doubt these garments will look great, be ultra-comfortable and last for years. You can offer your end-buyers apparel they will actually want to wear—no more gathering dust in the back of the closet, or worse, ending up in the “brandfill.”


    1. Build Trust

    We’re very transparent with each garment we make in disclosing the percentage of recycled fabrics used and the sustainable standards met throughout production. This information is in our catalogs, on each online product page and on each garment tag.

    Openness builds trust in corporate relationships as well as personal ones. By showcasing sustainability every day, we lean into trust-building with every customer.


    1. Differentiate

    Our Sample Kits help you stand out from your competitors. The kits show that eco-friendliness and quality can be synonymous. In this way, you have an edge over distributors.


    1. Hands-On Experience

    We touched on this in point #1 but it’s worth repeating: A hands-on experience with our garments will increase sales. We hear this over and over: “I can’t believe this is made from upcycled plastic bottles—it’s so soft!” Feeling our incredible (and sustainable) fabrics and seeing the quality is a powerful convincer.


    1. Fair Pricing

    We offer some of the best pricing margins in the industry. So you can order one (or more!) Sample Kits at a significant discount (40% off Wholesale), knowing they’ll serve you well in increasing sales, building trust, differentiating you from your competitors and giving hands-on experience.


    PLEASE NOTE: Our Sample Kits are NOT returnable.


    Storm Creek’s Sample Kit Options May 2024

    We have three curated Sample Kits to choose from, each available as a men’s or a women’s kit:


    Eco Essentials Sample Kit

    The four items in our Eco Essentials kit feature high-bottle-count styles designed to elevate your brand effortlessly—and help save the planet! The kit includes our Pacesetter Hoodie, Sidekick Hoodie, Overachiever Jacket and Traveler Vest for a total bottle count of 92-106 (depending on women’s or men’s items).

    Eco Essentials is a perfect choice for your customers who are already on board with sustainability practices or who are looking to see what the hoopla is all about (psst it’s pretty great!).

    Eco Essentials Sample Kit


    Promo’s Picks Sample Kit

    These four items are our best sellers, appreciated and trusted by customers like you. The kit includes our Front Runner Vest, Pacesetter Quarter Zip, Trailblazer Jacket and Explorer Belt Bag.

    If you’re new to Storm Creek and are interested in sure-fire products, our Promo’s Picks Kit is an ideal way to start. And with 52-58 plastic bottles upcycled per kit, you’re still helping our planet in a big way.

    Promo's Picks Sample Kit


    New Arrivals Sample Kit

    Our New Arrivals kit is the way to go for Storm Creek veterans. This kit showcases four of our newest designs and colors and is updated on a regular basis. As of May 2024, it includes the Optimist Polo, Sightseer Hoodie, Naturalist Woven Long Sleeve and Tiebreaker Vest.

    Whether you’re a long-time customer or a new one, you’ll love the fresh designs as well as the new colors in our tried-and-true garments.

    New Arrivals Sample Kit


    How the Sample Kits Work

    We make ordering our Sample Kits easy and fast. Our current homepage contains a link on our main banner image. In the future, you’ll always be able to find a link directly below the banner image that says, “Order Sample Kits.”

    Here is our suggested process: 

    1. From the homepage click on the “Order Sample Kits” link.
    2. Our inventory is not reflected in the order form, so please be sure to check it on the product page before you submit the form (there’s a link on the order form). If you order a non-inventoried style, your order will be delayed.
    3. Follow the simple instructions on the order form and click “Submit Your Order.”
    4. We’ll prepare your sample box and ship it to you or your end-buyer.
    5. Not sure which Sample Kit is your best choice? Reach out to us and we’ll help you pick the perfect items. You can call your sales rep directly or email us at

    [Remember, our Sample Kits are NOT returnable!]


    What better way to sell sustainability than to wear and display it? And not only will you and your customers have the satisfaction of knowing you’re benefiting the environment, but you’ll know our products will fit well and feel amazing.

    Order your Sample Kit today!