Winter Is Coming!

Winter Is Coming!
Winter is on its way, and Storm Creek has everything to keep you covered.

Be Prepared to Embrace The Storm

While winter officially starts on December 21, 2016, the Farmers’ Almanac predictions point to some snow and cold conditions in mid-November.

"Exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather will predominate..."

The 2017 Farmers’ Almanac >warns that freezing weather will rule this winter. Affected areas include: Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast and New England. Long-range weather predictions also suggest a cold reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast.

What to Look for in Your Winter Jacket

Water and wind stop here.

When choosing a jacket for snowy months, choose one that is waterproof or water-resistant and windproof. Wet snow will dampen your day once a breeze goes by and the cold-weather combo pulls warmth away from your body.

Our Pick: Insulated Softshell Jacket, 5705 Tucker & 5705W Tanya

Warmth comes from within.

You don't need bulk and a million layers to beat the chill. Choose a jacket with insulation to keep warmth next to your body during frigid days.

Our Pick: Thermolite® Jacket, 3160 Kerrin & 3165 Karrine

Snow stays out, softness stays in.

It's all in the details: zippered pockets, snow cuffs, adjustable drawcord hems and hoods keep moisture away. Features like chin guards and soft lining keep you cozy and comfortable.

Our Pick: Elite Fleece Lined Jacket, 6310 Cary & 6315 Lindsey