Get to Know Storm Creek’s Sales Team

Get to Know Storm Creek’s Sales Team

This one might be a long one, but it's worth the read to get to know our Corporate Branding Sales Team!

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Stephanie Maday: Director of Sales & Customer Experience
  2. Strategic Account Executives: Derek Walters and Aaron Thomas Smith
  3. Territory Account Executives: Kari Shipman and Rick Poferl
  4. Account Coordinators: Jake Hudalla and Lisa Tollefson
  5. Multi-Line Representatives
  6. How We Serve Our Corporate Branding & Promotional Products Patterns [and the Industry] Better


The primary focus of the Storm Creek Sales Team is to deliver an exceptional and personalized customer journey.

To maintain this high level of service, our sales team emphasizes understanding our customers' needs and offering customized ideas and solutions that foster the growth of their businesses. Exceptional service starts with having the right individuals and organizational framework in place.

At Storm Creek, we operate with two teams, East and West. These teams work together to ensure smooth coordination. Each team member is dedicated to specific account levels that ensure focused attention and tailored support for our customers.

Our structure for each team includes:

  • Strategic Account Executive—focuses on serving our large clients.
  • Territory Account Manager—oversees the core accounts within the territory.
  • Account Coordinator—plays a crucial role in growing smaller accounts as well as onboarding and nurturing new customers.
  • Together, these roles ensure growth and success within our product line.
  • Our East and West teams collaborate closely with our multi-line representatives to optimize our customer service efforts.


Our team structure is designed to facilitate the success of all our customers, whether they are large corporations or small businesses. And overseeing all of these individuals is Stephanie Maday, our Director of Sales and Customer Experience.


Introducing Stephanie Maday: Director of Sales & Customer Experience

Stephanie Maday is the most recent addition to the Storm Creek sales team. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the promotional products industry. Her journey began in 1999, initially in customer service, and she’s since transitioned into sales management, gaining expertise in both hard goods and apparel.

Stephanie said, "The experience I've gained at every level throughout my tenure in the industry has been invaluable. From customer service to marketing, sales and management, I've delved into every aspect of working with promotional product companies. This comprehensive understanding has equipped me with a well-rounded perspective on how to effectively engage with our customers and ensure we’re the right solution for their needs.”

Stephanie's vision for the Sales Team perfectly aligns with Storm Creek's primary goal of exceeding expectations at every turn.

"We aspire to become the premier and preferred option for our promotional product customers who seek quality, sustainable name-brand apparel," she emphasized. “And not just sustainable apparel, but apparel in general."

"It's imperative we have a unified team in place who work collaboratively for the benefit of our customers and our company," Stephanie said. "For me, this means a seamless, frictionless process for our customers that ensures they’re served promptly and comprehensively.”

She added, “The most rewarding aspect of my position at Storm Creek is the ability to uplift both our internal team and enhance the overall satisfaction of our customers. The team at Storm Creek is committed to delivering delightful experiences to our customers. That makes joining this team even more fulfilling!”

On a personal level, Stephanie said, “My family has continuously motivated me, so I make it a priority to spend time with them. I cherish every moment we share together. My boyfriend and I also enjoy hosting gatherings, fishing outings and, of course, attending hockey games. If you weren't aware, Minnesota proudly holds the title of the State of Hockey!”


Strategic Accounts Executives

Our Strategic Account Executives are dedicated to serving our top-tier customers. They diligently cultivate these relationships at the highest level to ensure these customers receive the utmost satisfaction. They also actively seek out new partners that align perfectly with our product line to further expand our network and growth opportunities.


Derek Walters

As the Strategic Account Executive of the East Territory, Derek focuses on enhancing our relationship with the industry’s national accounts to drive growth. He’s been part of our team for almost seven years, with his first five years leading the marketing team before transitioning to his current role. He also actively contributes to the Connections Committee of the Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Products (UMAPP).

“What I like best about my current role is learning about my accounts to find the best solutions specifically for them, as well as connecting face-to-face with customers to listen and act on their needs,” Derek said.

He lives in Shakopee, Minnesota with his family. He has one son who’s a student at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.


Aaron Thomas Smith

Within the West Territory, Aaron Thomas Smith serves as our Strategic Account Manager. Having worked in sales his entire career, his decision to join Storm Creek and promote our impactful, quality products was a natural choice for him.

He said, “Since starting at Storm Creek, I’ve fallen head over heels with the entire promotional products world. Every day brings a new connection or opportunity to solve someone’s problem. I most enjoy calling my distributor partners and learning their story. How did they start their business? Who do they love to work with? What are their roadblocks to success? This aspect of my role is the most rewarding and energizing.”

Outside of work Aaron loves to cook and spend time with his family. He’s an avid cyclist and recently re-took up golfing to get more quality time with his kids.


Territory Account Executives

Our Territory Account Managers play a vital role in fostering relationships with our customers, especially those who have been loyal to Storm Creek for years. They consistently engage with our long-standing customers, providing them with valuable education and information to enhance their sales with their own clients.


Kari Shipman

Kari Shipman is the Storm Creek veteran of our sales team. She said, “I’ve been here for almost 12 years—when there were only five of us in the company and we all did a little bit of everything! I came from a Customs Broker position where Doug [Jackson, Storm Creek founder and co-owner] was one of my first customers!”

Since then, Kari has made her way through different sides of Customer Experience and now serves as Territory Account Manager for the East territory team. She loves being her customers’ go-to when they need help. Whether it’s proactive or helping put out a fire, she enjoys fostering those great relationships. “Knowing we’re working as a team in the office with our new territories to serve our customers that much better has been awesome too,” said Kari.

When she’s not working for Storm Creek she spends her time keeping the balls of five busy children in the air. Watching their variety of sporting events and time at their family cabin “up north” are her life outside work.


Rick Poferl

When Rick Poferi joined Storm Creek in 2018, he brought with him an extensive background in customer experience and pricing management from within the apparel and promotional products industries. With his large network of relationships, Rick is ideally suited for the position of Territory Account Manager on the West team.

“What I like most about my job,” said Rick, “is getting to know so many different customers across the country and building that relationship with them. I also love being able to sell what I think is one of the best full ECO lines in the industry at a fair price.”

Spending time with his family is his top priority outside of work. Rick, his wife and four kids enjoy spending time at their family cabin doing a variety of active, outdoor ventures. He also enjoys hunting and he plays drums in an Iron Maiden tribute band.


Account Coordinators: Jake Hudalla & Lisa Tollefson

Our Account Coordinators play a crucial role in supporting both our smaller established customers and our newest clients. They serve as the initial point of contact for first-time buyers to ensure a positive experience from the outset.


Jake Hudalla 

Jake Hudalla has been a member of the Storm Creek team for four years. His journey began in the warehouse where he fulfilled orders. While there he nurtured a keen curiosity to understand every aspect of our business. Driven by a desire to broaden his horizons, Jake transitioned into a Customer Experience role, gaining valuable insights into another dimension of our operations.

Now Jake is in a new chapter as our East Territory Account Coordinator. Armed with the knowledge he’s acquired throughout his time at Storm Creek and from our customers, he’s excited about his new role contributing to our continued success.

Outside of work, Jake enjoys golfing, playing cornhole and spending quality time with friends.


Lisa Tollefson

Lisa Tollefson became part of Storm Creek in 2023, initially in sales support within our Customer Experience department. She’s transitioned to the West Territory team as the Account Coordinator. Despite being new to the promotional products industry, Lisa brings a wealth of experience from her previous professional background. Her fresh perspective and unwavering dedication are valuable assets. 

Lisa said, “What I enjoy most in my current role is that I make an immediate impact on our customers’ experience. I hope to make a difference so they want to be a repeat customer.” 

When she’s not at work Lisa loves to spend time with her husband and two boys. She “loves everything sports, walks with my Bernadoodle, traveling and dining out.”


Multi-Line Representatives

Multi-line representatives are individuals or entities within the promotional products industry that represent multiple suppliers. Stephanie said, "The multi-line reps we collaborate with are constantly on the move visiting our customers, showcasing our products and paving the way for us. Then the rest of our team steps in to capitalize on these opportunities and bring them to fruition.”

Our rigorous selection process for these multi-line reps mirrors the standards we have for hiring at our headquarters. They often serve as the initial point of contact for new customers, making their role critical as they introduce customers to our brand and products.


How We Serve Our Corporate Branding & Promotional Products Partners [and the Industry] Better

At Storm Creek, we emphasize providing high-quality sustainable apparel that people love to wear—garments that offer excellent fit, comfort and style. Equally important is the customer service we deliver.

“We strive for our customers to develop a habitual preference for working with us," Stephanie said. "We want them to instinctively turn to Storm Creek, drawn by the exceptional and effortless experience they've had with our brand.

“Our team's structure allows them to cultivate intensely personal relationships with our customers. Instead of being solely product-focused, our commitment lies in being customer-centric," she added. “Our priority is to always get to know and understand the customer first. Once we have that insight, we can then discuss Storm Creek and our products to ensure we’re the perfect fit for them.

“As a women-owned company with sustainability initiatives, we stand out in this industry. It offers a unique selling point. When coupled with an exceptional customer experience, there's truly no reason for a customer to look for other alternatives."